22/11/2019 Arpy, the silent IP guesstimator


31/07/2019 Phoning Home with OpenVPN
19/05/2019 SSH to Older Hosts
09/04/2019 Get Kali Repositories in Ubuntu

Writing and Reporting

04/09/2020 Reports for People

Web Exploits and Theory

06/06/2019 JWTs in Plain(ish) English
03/06/2019 Updating SSL Ciphers
18/05/2019 RFC6454 in Plain(ish) English
24/01/2019 CSRF in Plain(ish) English

Blog Design

30/05/2020 Switching to a lighter blog
07/08/2019 Copying Wireds Cool URLs
13/07/2019 Faffing with Favicons
27/12/2018 Configuring Security Headers

Course Reviews

20/06/2020 OSCP Review

Machine Security

30/07/2020 Don't Store Credentials In Files

Notes to Self

16/07/2020 Don't Panic